Past Exhibitions


5 Year Anniversary Group Show 

January 16th – January 19th

Mauricio Ancalmo, “Krap Etag Nedlog Reve” 

February 1st – March 1st

Sean McFranland & Jake Longstreth

March 6th – March 29th

Henry Gunderson, “+0-000-000-0000″

April 5th – May 3rd

Adam Parker Smith, “Seriously”

May 9th – June 7th

Fred Martin and Friends in the Fifties, “Oh How Much It Hurt”

June 14th – July 18th

Guy Overfelt, “Free Bird: The Never Ending Joy Ride”

September 5th – October 4th

Mark Mulroney, “It’s Nice Outside” 

October 18th – November 15th

Joey Enos & Tamra Seal, “New California Sculpture”

November 21st – December 19th


Sadie Barnette, “Composed and Performed”

February 16th – March 15th

Even Nesbit, “Light Farming, Heavy Gardening”

March 23th – April 26th

Mark Mulroney, “A Fertile Menace”

May 4th – June 29th

Sandy Kim

September 5th – October 5th

Jocko Weyland, “Crackle, Hiss, and Scrawl”

October 11th – November 15th

Jeremiah Jenkins, “Survival Guide”

November 22nd – January 4th


Josh Short, Biyearly Residency

February 2nd – February 26th

Sandy Kim, “Soft and Wet”

March 3rd – March 24th

Yokonori Stone

April 5th – April 26th

Jeremiah Jenkins, “Shit doesn’t have to be so fucked up”

May 5th – June 9th

Summer Group Show

July 7th – July 21st

Tyson Vogel, Biyearly Residency

July 23rd – August 16

Mark Benson, “Get The Flu

September 1st – September 27th

Guy Overfelt “#BLACKLIGHT”

October 6th – November 3rd

Adam Parker Smith, “Forever 21″

November 9th – December 15

Henry Gunderson, “Apocalypse Shelter”

December 21st – January 5th


Chris Ritson, In the Kingdom of Charisma

February 3rd – February 26th

March Program

“Ever Wash” Guy Overfelt

April 7th – April 28th

CRUSH, Adam Parker Smith

May 5th – May 26th

Aaron Eliah Terry

June 2nd – June 30th

Water McBeer Group Show

July 30th – August 7th

Mid Market Pop-Up

September 8th – September 15th

Owen Takabayashi, Residency Program

September 1st – September 23rd

Lucas Soi “We Bought the Segrim Building”

October 6th – October 28th


Mark Mulroney, “I’m trying really hard”

December 2nd-January 6th

Debris From the Cultural Underground

October 7th – October 28th




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