Josh Short

For a list of available work please contact Ever Gold


Solo Exhibitions:


  • Bomb Shelter Radio/Tenderloin Self Defense Club | Evergold Gallery, San Francisco CA


  • Stronghold vr.2 | Dirosa Preserve, Napa CA
  • Control Room | Johhanon Projects, Oakland CA
  • Sub-terrain | Exploratorium, San Francisco CA
  • Tailgate Party | Soap Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • BLACKGOLD | Evergold Gallery, San Francisco CA


  • Hold’n it Down | Playspace Gallery @ CCA, San Francisco CA
  • Touch Down Jesus | Evergold, San Francisco CA
  • Break In Case of Emergency | Recology, San Francisco CA
  • Hard Economic Times: Solo Show | New House Gallery, Ross CA


  • “US Imperialism and the Odious Debt Economies” | ATA, San Francisco CA

Selected Group Exhibitions:


  • Everything Never Goes Away | Lost Coast Cultural Machine, Fort Bragg CA
  • Mad World: Messages to the Future | Galleria De La Raza, San Francisco CA
  • Cream: From the Top |Marin MOCA, Marin CA
  • “All Bottled Up” CIT| Million fishes Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • MFA Selections | DiRosa Preserve, Nape CA
  • JMF Graduate Exhibit | CUE Art Foundation, NYC


  • MFA Thesis Exhibition| Nelson Gallery, Davis CA
  • “The CardBurg 500” CIT| LOBOT Bottom Gallery, Oakland CA


  • “Welcome to CardBurg” CIT| Cellspace, SF
  • MFA First Year Show| Pence Gallery, Davis CA
  • Railway Stories| Log Cabin Gallery, Davis CA


  • I.O.U. | Mission 17, San Francisco CA
  • Grounded? | Southern Exposure, San Francisco CA
  • Human Slaughter Acts performance festival | Slaughterhouse Space, Hillsbourgh CA
  • Mission Wilderness | 16th Mission BART Station , San Francisco CA
  • “Red Carpet for the Commons” particapatory performance | Uncanny, Davis CA
  • “Death Cryof Recyclor“ CIT | Beaties | Crucible Steel Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • “Red Phenoex” kinetic sciuptural float | Carnaval 2007, San Francisco CA


  • Graphic Content 2 | Space Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • “Consumed” particapatory performance | Illusions 4 | Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco CA
  • Graphic Content | Space Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • Urban Terrariums prints | 16th Mission BART Station, San Francisco CA
  • Heroes and Mythos | Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco CA
  • Art on the Avenue | Emeryville Temporary art project, Emeryville CA


  • Eco| Urban Terrariums Project, Stillwell Gallery SFSU, San Francisco CA
  • Living City Lab | Lead Artist, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • Justice Matters | Portfolio Project/ Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance


  • Borders Inside Out | Public Interventions, Mission District, San Francisco CA
  • This is the Line | Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco CA
  • Paradigms Lost | Digital Mural. Galleria De La Raza, San Francisco CA
  • “Unfurled” flag exhibition | Pond Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • “Blood on our Hands” Solo performance | Illusions 2 | Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco CA
  • “Butcherme” Solo performance | SFSU, San Francisco CA
  • “Mass Production Cycle”, MAP project | Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco CA


  • Stillwell Student Exhibition 2003 | SFSU, San Francisco CA
  • “Marking Time” Contemporary Art and Technology Show | Works Gallery San Jose, CA
  • Robotics Exhibition | SFSU, San Francisco CA
  • Department of Space and Land Reclamation SF Exhibition | Balazo Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • Art of Resistance: Political Art Show | Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts , San Francisco CA

2001- 2002

  • Project 061602 “Plant Torture” performance | Balazo Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • Circo De Mayo | Balazo Gallery,San Francisco CA
  • No love Valentines Day Show | Balazo Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • Calavera: Day of the Dead Show | Balazo Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • El Holo Seco, Prison Art Show | Balazo Gallery, San Francisco CA

Guest Lecturer, Panel  and Visiting Artist:

  • Exploratorium/MAKE Magazine Panel interview 2011
  • “Cream: From the Top ” Panel 2010
  • Oxbow School/ Intervention and Cardboard Workshop 2009
  • De Young Museum / Mapping the City Symposium: Panel: “Urban Tactics: Artists Interventions in Public Space” 2007
  • UC Davis / Art and Technoculture Department 2006
  • San Francisco Art Institute / Issues Around Public Art Production  2006


2009 Master of Fine Art, University of California Davis, CA, Studio Art

2004 Bachelors of Art, San Francisco State University, CA, Conceptual Information Arts

2002 Associate of Art, City College of San Francisco, CA, Graphic Design

2002 Award of Achievement, City College, San Francisco, CA. Graphic Design

Awards and Residency:

Evergold Gallery Bi-Yearly Artist in Residence 2012
DiRosa Preserve Artist in Residence 2011
Exploratorium  Artist in Residence 2011
ProArts 4×4 Award Nomination 2010
SECA Award Nomination 2010
Recology | SF Waste Management Artist in Residency 2010
Joan Mitchell Foundation Award 2009
Graduate Fellow Headlands Center for the Arts 2009
Faye Nelson Award 2009
Freemond Gadberry Student Award 2009
Dedalus Foundation Nomination 2008
Marylou Osborn Award 2008
Illick Award | Best In Show Stillwell Gallery Annual Student Exhibition 2003
ADPSR (Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility) Postcard Competition winner

Teaching Residencies / Arts Education:

• Out of Site/ Visiting Artist 2010

• Branson School of the Arts/ Visiting Artist 2010

• University of California Davis/ Associate Instructor Sculpture Winter 2009

• University of California Davis/ Associate Instructor Drawing Fall 2008

• Montalvo|Headrush Collective / Lead Artist 2008

Facilitated 1week summer camp, worked in colaboration with youth artists to build cardboard and mixed media model city. Students imagined and built a utopian vision of the future downtown San Jose.

• Oxbow / Visual Storytelling: Lead Artist 2007, 2008

Facilitated 3 week summer camp, taught students visual storytelling through sequential art medium, comix, storyboarding and stop-motion animation. Mentored students in development of personal art projects.

• Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club / SOEX, Carnaval / Location Project: Lead Artist 2007

Facilitated nineteen-week curriculum for urban youth. Workshops focused on the afro-caribean contribution to Carnaval through investigations into the Madi gras Indians and Canbulay in Trinadad. Students investigated kenetic and flexible art through parade art and float design.

• Cell Space, Silkscreen printing: Resident Artist Spring 2007, Fall 2006

Eight week silk screen printing class introduces students to the fundimentals of silk screen printing for textiles, monoprinting and poster design. Students also are introduced to digital pre-production via Adobe CS2.

• World Savvy: Artist-Mentor Fall 2006

Designed and Led a Trip fieldtrip exploring imigration and identity of the Chinese migrate expiernce. Field trip consisted of visits to the American Chinese Historical society and well as some historic locations around Bruce lee’s connections to Chinatown SF. I also led a participatory project at the World Savvy annual Jam Session that mapped personal and anciestoral timelines.

• Cell Space, Stop-motion Animation: Resident Artist Summer 2007, 2006

This one week intensive introduced students to the fundementals of flip book animation, cut and paste animation , armature creation and manipulation, multiple character animation and moving background animation.

• Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club / SOEX, Power Park Publications: Lead Artist 2006

Six week experimental publications class co-taught with Mabel Negrete, introduced students to journaling, design, publication, and distribution of two publications based on personal experiences with Kids Power Park.

• SOEX/Hypersea, Living Walls Mural Project: Lead Artist 2006

Co-direst and Design the 5th Living Walls Mural Project with Mabel Negrete in collaboration with the SOEX Youth Advisory Board.

• Out of Site, The Living City: Lead Artist 2005

Facilitated after school program for urban youth. Program focused on the urban environment as a space that influences the personal ecology as well as the natural ecology. All artwork was created from recycled material, ordinary objects, organic objects found in the city.

• SOEX, Living City Lab/Mission Voices Summer Program: Lead Artist 2005

Facilitated eight-week curriculum for urban youth. Workshops focused on ecology and the urban environment. All artwork was created from recycled material, ordinary objects, organic objects found in the city. Students were asked to reflect on their experience with the city as a natural environment.

• Southern Exposure, Youth Advisory Board: Artist/ Mentor, 2004, 2005, 2006

• GGNPC, Fort Funston: Land Restoration Artist, project founder 2003-2004

Working with youth and adults on incorporating art making into the restoration process, designing curriculum based around restoration as a human endeavor and our relationship to public space.

• Culture on the Corner community center: Youth Worker 1999-2000

Art teacher and adviser for drop in youth

• Americas Best Karate: Karate Teacher 1993-1998

Taught all demographics of youth through adult martial arts. Designed curriculum for new teachers and student teachers. Ran the day to day operations of various schools throughout the Bay Area.


Press Release and live performance schedule from Josh Shorts 2012 Biyearly Residency at Ever Gold Gallery

Over the course of his residency at Ever Gold Gallery, Josh Short will build “Bomb Shelter Radio” and host several live sonic events that will include experimental noise transmissions, live metal and hardcore bands, and subversive FM radio interventions. This will also be aided by guerrilla public installations of radios installed around the Tenderloin bringing his interventions directly to the street as a form of audio graffiti. During the day the gallery will become the “Tenderloin Self-Defense Club”, where Short will offer martial arts instruction to the neighborhood inhabitants, artists, and musicians.


Short aims to examine contemporary myth and rituals within the American cultural landscape through his interactive exhibition.  Ever Gold will be transformed into a liberation center by providing tools that evoke personal liberation through free speech and improved self-confidence.


Short has previously held residencies at Recology SF, Headlands Center for the Arts, and recently a large outdoor installation at di Rosa. This is Shorts second solo exhibition with Ever Gold Gallery, his first exhibition “Touch Down Jesus” was in 2010.


Self Defense Club, Noise Interventions, Live Performance, and other on air programing as well as frequency change info will be posted on the Ever Gold website towards the end of this month and through the month of February.


During the last week of the exhibition (Feb 21st- 26th) Ever Gold Gallery and Josh Short have teemed up with Noise Pop for their 20th Anniversary. This collaboration will consist of five live broadcasts over the “Bomb Shelter Radio” from bands curated by Noise Pop. These bands will be playing live at Shorts “Bomb Shelter Radio” and will be open to the public.


February at Ever Gold



Martial Arts Class with Josh
Drop in: Wed, Thurs, Fri 4-6pm February 8-24th


All noise interventions, live bands, and performances will be broadcast on 88.1 FM


Saturday 4 Live Show: Bad Backs, Sand City, Mugwort, 8-10 pm

Tuesday 7 Tysons Drum and Noise, 7-9 pm

Thursday 9 Venkman, Spectre, Reivers 7-10 pm

Friday 10 Psychedelic Zone Dance party with Madge and company 6-10:30 pm

Saturday 11 Nuclear Death Wish, Spaceburn, julia mazawa 7-10:30 pm

Sunday 12 Connoisseur, Your Enemy and Human Waste 7-10pm

Monday 13 All those Sounds w/ Frank, 8-10:30 pm

Wednesday 15 Permanent ruin, Negative Standards and Sister Fucker, 7-10:30pm

Thursday 16 ARMAGEDD-R-DUN w/ Street justice, Dalton, Butt Problems,Hazzards Cure and Special guest


Monday 20-25, Noise pop collaboration, Music 2-4pm every day.

Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

(Evening Performance programed by Josh Short)

Tuesday 21 day: Tambo Rays

Evening: Waxy Tombs, White Hunter, Cumber bun


Wendesday 22 Day: Canons and Clouds

Evening: Eric Sanchez, Waxy Tomb/Program
Home, Evan Bogunia, Ryan Jobes


Thursday 23 day:

Evening: Anotherbodyfound with Djs: P-Trak, T-Bird,
and Pirate Jenny


Friday 24
Day Sea of Beas

Evening: LOL CATZ with: JONAH (One dog/Twenty
Cats),george chen, rajeev dhar, sierra frost, clare o’kane, land smith,
riah gouvea, joey devine with special guests Eric Svedas and cohorts, and
others TBA


Saturday 25: Taxes

Evening: Djs: Junkdrawer(bargain Basement), Darkat(sound
Dimensions), Duece(rubber-o-cement), D-Syn(5lowershop), Caveman & the
fossils(Buenos Aires/ Live Musical Synthesis by, Granny Zebra, Pony Pony
Pony, Tony Manfre(shut, weSC) AlganoMan(cat five)


Sunday 26 Closing: Depths (Tyson Vogel and Friends),  (Maybe Grayceon)




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